Thursday, August 4, 2011

REELigion ... My Take on "Captain America" and the Death of Khal Drogo

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Patton Dodd, editor over at very slick, ecumenical web site on faith and religion--asked if I'd begin contributing to a new religion and film blog they're hosting.  I'm a pushover when it comes to seeing my words in print, so I agreed.  Hence, every once in a while, I'll devote my weekly Eat the Bible blogging to this new site, REELigion

This week, I submitted a post on religion--or lack thereof--in the new Captain America film.  Check it out!

But don't just go to REELigion for me; other luminaries in the field--among them Bradley Herling, Martyn Oliver, and Mr. Dodd himself--will occasionally contribute.  And they're all a lot smarter and funnier than I am.  Click here for more