Friday, June 4, 2010

LeBron to New York? The Bible Commands It, Says Bloomberg.

New York City is mounting a promotional campaign of Biblical proportions in an effort to woo LeBron James--the best player in the NBA, and a soon-to-be free agent--to the City that Never Sleeps. Or to New Jersey. Either one would be fine. Mayor Michael Bloomberg recorded the following video message to make his case:

Bloomberg ends his plea with a campy Bible reference: "As the good book says, lead us to the promised land. And that's a quote from the King James version!" (For those of you who've been living under rocks since the Jordan era, "King James" is LeBron's nickname.)

Watching Bloomberg, the elvish king, slavishly pander to a 25 year-old phenom from Cleveland is funny enough, but what's funnier? "Lead us to the promised land" is not a quote from the King James Bible. It's merely a rough paraphrase of the Exodus narrative, in which Moses leads the Israelites to Canaan, the "place which the Lord hath promised" (Numbers 14:40). I hope Bloomberg's PR guys are better than his Bible scholars, or else LeBron's heading to Chicago.

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  1. JP -- really. So if you're ever looking for new NYC employment, really, you should offer yourself up to the mayor as a spiritual advisor. I know MB doesn't like to look stupid .... and he's a bajillionaire. Might be worth a try.


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