Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Polish Pop Star Insults Bible, Faces Blasphemy Charges

At the risk of turning Eat the Bible into a tabloid, today I’m going to turn Eat the Bible into a tabloid. Alas, principles are made to be trampled.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports that Polish pop star Doda--or Dorota Rabczewska, if brevity’s not your thing—may face two years of jail time for violating her home country’s blasphemy laws.

To begin, let me say what most of you are thinking: you can go to jail for blasphemy in Poland???! Remind me to watch my mouth the next time I visit Bialystock.

But I digress … in a recent interview, Ms. Rabczewska—whose debut album is entitled, and I'm not lying here, Diamond Bitch--waxed elegiac on her skepticism about the Bible: "It is hard to believe in something written by people who drank too much wine and smoked herbal cigarettes."

I’m not sure what evidence the “Diamond Bitch” can produce for her claim, but after watching one of her videos, I’m guessing that she hasn't spent her life immersed in the study of scripture. So without further adieu, here she is in her all her blaspheming glory, DODA:

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  1. Poland loves DODA <3 Do not think that all of us are psycho-Christians, more and more people in Poland do not go to church and are against it. Of course, the older generation freaks out when they hear Doda's comment on the Bible, but the younger one is more modern, more broad-minded and want to live a happy life, without crazy priest and 'blasphemy charges' which are simply INSANE. Who cares? Btw, the self- established Queen of Polish Pop Music, Doda, is going to conquer European stages so keep waiting. You can watch her XXX or Bad Girls videos on youtube (she released many number one hits and CDs but only a few songs have the English version as well). Love form Poland :)


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