Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Noah's Ark Found?!!?

Extra, extra! A late item just came across the "Eat the Bible" news desk. (Okay, there's no news desk--just the Ikea kitchen table my girlfriend bought last fall.) Word arrived earlier today from Mount Ararat (in Turkey) that a portion of Noah's ark has been found! Alan Boyle over at MSNBC reports on the "discovery" here.

Why do I put "discovery" in quotes? Because I can debunk this story tonight, from the aforementioned Ikea kitchen table: this is not Noah's ark. Why?

First, the find was made by an evangelical Christian group--and obviously they don't have any vested interest in unearthing material proof of the story of Noah. (The group is called Noah's Ark Ministries International--they've apparently got a wide-reaching platform.)

Second, the "find" amounts is little more than a wooden structure of unknown age. Others have argued that the wood pile is little more than--and let me make sure I get my scientific terminology right--an "old hut."

Third, groups have been claiming to find pieces of the ark on Ararat about every decade or so for literally the last two millennia. Every other "ark" has proven to be either an "old hut" or a fraud.

Fourth--and this one's important--there is absolutely no geological evidence to support the claim that a worldwide flood covered the entire earth and wiped out all human and animal life nearly 5000 years ago!

So let's stop searching Ararat for musty wood and turn our attention back to Genesis 6. It's a gorgeous story gorgeously told, and it's got real moral and religious weight. Isn't that enough?

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